Still Life

"Home Grown"    oil on linen on board    12 x 10 inches

"T-Bird and Sparrow"    oil on linen on board    16 x 23 3/8 inches

"Mobi Pears"    oil on linen    22 x 30 inches

"Green Hanover on Black"    oil on linen

"Steuben on Black"    oil on linen

Blue Hanover

Dutch Horn

"Salle de Bain"    oil on linen

"Antique Gravey Bowl and Tools"    oil on linen

"Guistinian Tureen"    oil on linen

"Flo's Still Life"    oil on linen

"King Francis"    oil on linen

"Inkwell"    oil on linen

"Anjous and Sparrow"    oil on linen    30 x 30 inches

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