Drawings and Watercolors

"South Beach: Man with Sun Vizer"

"Beach Drawing-2"   graphite on paper

"South Beach: Before the Rain"

"South Beach: 1st Street - 2pm

"New Smyrna Beach: Fishing Pole"

"South Beach: Three Women"

"South Beach: High Noon"

"South Beach: 1:15 pm"

"South Beach: Chatting"

"South Beach: Close-up"

"South Beach: Family Group"

"South Beach: Noon"

"South Beach: Reading Paperback"

"South Beach: Reclining - 10 am"

"South Beach: Blocking the Sun"

"South Beach: Red Cooler"

"South Beach: Black Ponytail"

"South Beach: Shaking Towel"

"South Beach: Sunday Morning - 10:30 am"

"South Beach: Taking Pictures"

"South Beach: Two Women"

"South Beach: 11:30 am

"South Beach: Woman in Green"

"South Beach: Yellow Bikini"

"South Beach: Woman with Tote and Umbrella"

"South Beach: Yellow Umbrellas"

"South Beach: Portable Radio"

"South Beach: Behind the Bently"

"South Beach: Overhead Umbrella"

"Beach Drawing-1"   graphite on paper

"South Beach: Three White Bikinis"

"Cape Florida: Two Boys"

"Matheson Hammock: Pictures"

"South Beach: Noon - Blue Sky"

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