About Laura Tan

Laura Tan is an American artist based in Florida, USA, whose body of work chronicles three decades of self-portraits that record how she feels and sees herself in an unfiltered, emotional response towards a specific moment in her life. Based on prolific sketches, watercolors, and photographs, Tan starts by adding experimental textures, staining her paintings and building up paint which she intuitively modulates and transforms by wiping and scraping into its fresh layers. She often returns to preexisting paintings, recycling and modifying them in a free and eloquent manner to enhance a personal narrative.

Tan portrays herself without frills or conscious seduction, bluntly presenting herself as she is, a modern middle-aged woman gazing directly at the viewer, celebrating her inner strengths by de-emphasizing her gender as an identity. The relaxed pose[s], distressed surface textures, and sophisticated warm and cool color palette suggest the passage of time. The. . . highly recognizable—wear and tear of gentle yet undeniable aging that slowly transforms natural beauty and grace is an inexorable process of physical and emotional change we all encounter and which isn’t easy to embrace and accept.

Lorena Kloosterboer   2017

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